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  What is subtly demonstrated in the above drawing is that in front of a desktop sits a fashionable lady who is staring at the screen with shocked expression wearing on cheeks and huge sweat dropping from her forehead. What is spit from the computer is the lengthy Alipay bill, which can almost be spread as long as two meters. The caption above reads that you should keep away from Taobao and cherish your income.

  The objective of the drawer is to show us that utmost attention should be paid to shopping online, which has exerted profound impact on the daily life of the average individuals. We can easily recognize its advantages: e-commerce, which is extremely convenient, can save us a great amount of precious time and we can buy products everywhere we want as long as we can surf online. However, for all the advantages mentioned above, online trading is by no means without its limitations: we may be cheated by some online retailers, which might be a potential threat to our bank accounts.

  Accordingly, it is imperative for us to take drastic measures. For one thing, we should appeal to the authorities to make strict legislations to severely punish those who deliberately spoil the interests of online customers. For another, we should enhance the awareness of residents that rational purchasing is conducive to our income management. Only in this way can we maximize the merits and minimize the demerits of online purchasing.


  As is shown in the picture above, innumerable people are sitting in their isolated rooms, surfing on the Internet. It seems that the Internet has connected people together, because they can chat with other people all over the world, but upon closer observation, we can learn from the picture that people have been separated from each other effectively, because the walls between them restrict them to their own world.

  The connotation of the picture is to remind us that while the Internet has brought a great deal of convenience and proficiency to us, it also acts as a barrier, prohibiting the face-to-face communication. Undoubtedly, the Internet has its minus and pluses, and it’s necessary to analyze its influences on our life. On the one hand, the modern technology represented by the internet does have its advantages, such as online shopping, online chatting, and online news, all of which enable us to obtain what we want without travelling thousands of miles, and shorten the distance between people. On the other hand, the dramatic technological changes that have provided us with more communication opportunities have also increased the risk that we will be more alienated from our relatives and friends. The people in the picture may feel lonely after a long time of Internet life.

  From the analysis above, we can come to the conclusion that we should treat the Internet with a reasonable attitude and use it in a proper way. While we enjoy the benefits provided by the Internet, we should not forget that the virtual net world cannot be a substitute for the real world. And we should cherish the intimacy of the face-to-face communication. Only in this way can we have a wholesome life.


  As is shown above, in front of a computer happily sits a teenager, attempting to work on his homework effortlessly, with the help from the internet finishing the job for him. There has been a heated discussion about this picture in the news paper recently. Simple as the picture is, it does demonstrate certain thought-provoking social phenomenon.

  The picture tells us that our life has been greatly influenced and changed by scientific and technological advances, an integral part(不可分割的一部分)to every aspect of modern life. What’s more, individuals, organizations and governments attach due attention to this phenomenon. On the one hand, the progress can enhance people’s understanding on a subject, improve people’s learning capacity and skills, shrink the distance between cities and even continents; smooth the communication between residents and rid of the barrier(消除障礙) between people. Technical advances offer all people in the world a quality of life what was unimaginable(不可思議的) when personal computer first appeared 60 years ago. Our factory hums to the rhythm of robot assembly arms.

  Our banking is done at automated teller terminals that thank us with mechanical politeness for transaction. Our subway trains are controlled by tireless robot drivers. On the other hand, while computers, as have been mentioned above, help students finish the academic job, but this technology, at the same time, kills their creative thinking and exploration spirit(創造思維和探索精神). The effect of board-dependence brought by it causes the young, nowadays, even can seldom spell correctly, let alone the negative effects triggered by porn movies, violent video clips and their like. (第二段比較長,目的是讓大家積累素材,考試時建議不要超過規定字數)

  In my view, while we are enjoying the conveniences of the science and technology, we should keep a watching -eyes on(注意、當心) those negative practice, and aim to reduce the problems it has caused. Then the benefits of these advances will outweigh the serious problems.



  這幅圖告訴我們,我們的生活已經被科技的進步極大地影響了我們的生活, 科技是生活中重要的一部分。個人、組織、政府都很關注之一現象。一方面科技的進步提高了人們對事物的認識,提高了人們的學習能力和技能,縮短了城市和城市之間,甚至各大洲之間的距離。使人和人之間的溝通更加順暢。科技的進步給世界人們帶來的生活在60年前第一臺電腦出現的時候是不可想象的。 我們的工廠里轟鳴著機器人組裝臂的節奏聲;我們的銀行業務在自動柜員機完成,他們用禮貌的語言感謝我們辦理業務;我們的地鐵由不知疲倦的機器人四級駕駛。但是另一方面,雖然計算機在幫著孩子們完成作業,但是與此同時也在扼殺著他們的創造思維和探索精神。多于鍵盤的依賴使得很多孩子很少能正確的拼寫和書寫,就更不用提由于色情電影和暴力視頻帶來的負面影響了。



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